the ultimate RIP software


... for sublimation and chromablast.

For People who work with sublimation and chromablast, there was allways the big issue of color matching.

This problem now remains to the past with the InkJetpilot rip-Software. A professional software that provides colour management from your screen to your chromablast and sublimation goods. The goal is to deliver a very beneficial and easy to use solution, optimized for rotech and sawgrass products, using Epson printing systems.

Also InkJetpilot is optimised to support the most established graphic software products like Photoshop, Corel Draw and Illustrator. Like any other print driver you can use it to print from nearly any graphic program you can imagine.

An automatic online update feature keeps you up to date with new print modes including profiles for various substrates. Also new solutions for print plot technology based sublimation are beeing developed.

To proof the easy handling of InkJetpilot joust download the free demo version for Epson D120 right here.

You can't produce easier!


How to use InkJetpilot?


The Handling of InkJetpilot couldn't be easier!

It is your option whether to print pictures and graphics by importing them into the InkJetpilot software, or just to print directly from your graphics software like Photoshop, Corel Draw or Illustrator.

It depends on your workflow, which way you prefer.

Because InkJetpilot crates its own print driver, you can use it from nearly every Windows© based program on your computer that is able to send print jobs to your sublimation or chromablast Epson printer.

To experience the potty handling just check out the demo version InkJetpilot right here or just watch the attached video.


How to install InkJetpilot?


The InkJetpilot RIP software comes with an easy to understand manual on CD and a step by step quick-install sheet.

In addition you can watch the whole installation process in our online "how to install the InkJetpilot" video.

At first you will have to install the standard Epson drivers, that come with your printer. Start the printing test to see if everything works well, then continue with the Install Process of the InkJetpilot.


It is really simple!